Reflection off window?

Hi, I just recieved my first Pan cam and decided to try it in my front window to monitor people coming and going to my door ect… Anyway at night the glare from the IR lights reflects back and I can’t see anything. Any tips on how to reduce the glare? Thanks


In another thread already posted some had luck placing the camera at an angle. My experience is, turn on the outside spotlight and turn off the IR sensors. Do that for a few days/nights and you will end up buying a few V2’s and installing them under a porch roof. You will get a substantial better image quality with the camera outside the window glass.

You can try putting black tape over the IR LEDs, but people have had marginal success with that.

We expect Wyze is going to implement the ability to turn off the LEDs but leave night vision on. No word on when that may happen though.

I’ll try to angle it a little. Wish i could get it outside but have no power anywhere near it.


Thanks for the info.

sorry but you can,t reduce the glare. IR lights will not work through glass unfortunately