night vision reflecting off window

For all you people griping and complaining about the night vision not working because all you get is a bright reflection off of your window and asking is there some kind of fix for it? NO, there isn’t! There is nothing wrong with the camera. Infrared night vision will not work looking through a window. The night vision will work great inside the house or outside the house if you mount the camera under a covered porch, not through glass.

I think the majority of customers understand the basic principles of reflected IR light, and because of that are asking for a way to turn off the IR LEDs. Now, without IR LEDs the night vision mode of the camera is useless, but not if you also mount IR floodlamps outside to provide the necessary IR illumination.

The ability to control different hardware features of the camera independently is at the root of many feature requests. I’m not sure what level of control the OEM hardware allows though, so it may be something the Wyze team simply can’t implement.

You can turn night vision mode off in the Live Stream window, or in Advanced Settings.

With the pan cam it isn’t a good option but you can also put your camera lens in contact with the glass. If it is flat against the window, it works just fine.

Yes, you can turn off night vision and IR LEDs but then you can’t see anything in the dark…

The ability to turn off the IR LEDs but leave night vision on and able to process IR illumination from external sources is what many customers have been asking for.

I have several china cameras and you actually don’t know if you can turn off the IR LEDs and keep night mode on until you have the camera installed. Some of my cameras have that option but most doesn’t. I have several cameras pointing out at my property thru a window and they become useless when they turn on night mode, which they do much too early when there’s still light enough even for daytime color mode.

So I agree, having IR mode without activating the IR LED’s are a very usefull option. Some cameras I have opened up and pulled the connector to the IR LED’s, there’s usually a seperate connector to the IR LED’s but unfourtunatly it often also include the light sensor so you end up with a permanent night IR mode even during the day time.

Having the lens directly to the glass only helps if you have windows with only one single glass, most people have 2 or 3 glasses to isolate from temperature and noise.


Yes please…another mode that uses auto day/night but you can disable the IRs.

Hello Wyze, when will we have this feature?? Yi cameras has this feature and work very well. It shouldn’t be that hard for you folks to test and implement this feature.

LOL new owner here. I just submitted “disabling IR LEDs in night mode” as a feature request. Hopefully it is possible, because this is a great camera.

Ive found that you can remove the cover of the unit by removing the two screws on the back. On the top of the lens board, you’ll see a connector with blue wires. Disconnecting that disables the IR blasters on the unit, it appears, but night mode and the IR filter still activates. I just discovered this over the weekend, and awaiting reply from another post on whether this will result in unexpected consequences. Does void warranty, but at $35 I wasnt too concerned. I rely on a separate IR floodlight to provide nighttime illumination and for once, Im not looking at alert notifications that are only moth and spider movements around the camera. Apparently they swarm the IR floodlight now, which is 15 ft away from the camera. I havent tested it through glass but im guessing this solution would solve that use case as well.

Let us know how it works when you test it through glass

I have no use case of using night vision through glass, so I won’t be testing that. I have confirmed that removing the blue wired connector from the lens board, does indeed disable the cams IR blaster, without disabling the IR filter. Now happily using an IR floodlight, with Wyze pan IR blasters disabled.

Wonder if that would be the same wire on a v2 cam

I’ve disconnected the board that surrounds the lens and can confirm that this does disable the LEDs and it does work through glass. However, it should be noted that this also disables the SD Card slot and the setup button on the bottom of the unit. In my case, it’s already set up and I don’t use an SD Card, so this was no big deal.

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