Camera behind window has bright reflection?


I have several cameras on my window ledges facing outward to my yard etc. But at night I am getting a very bright reflection back into the camera from some sort of light surce on the camera i believe. . Without moving the camera outside is there any way to remedy this? Thanks a bunch!


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The only thing you can do is set the night vision mode to ‘Off’ which turns off the IR lights causing the reflection. I have cameras other than Wyze that do the same thing. If you have enough light outside from other sources your camera will still work, but not as well.

No there really isn’t. Window glass reflect the IR light emitted by the camera. If you have lots of lighting outside, you can try turning off night vision, which will also turn off the IR LEDs. If there’s enough light outside, you may get a usable image.

There have been many requests for Wyze to provide the ability to turn off the IR LEDs while leaving night vision enabled so people can use their own IR floodlights mounted outside. No word on when or if Wyze is planning to implement this.

Some people have reported success with taping over the IR LEDs which can see as red dots visible in the black part of the front of the camera when night vision is on. You may want to try this.


Worked like a charm guys!

Thanks a bunch! G.

Does the night vision still work if you tape over the red lights? Having the same issue with my camera behind by window. Main reason for my camera is to watch the driveway/cars at night. The only power source is inside near the window. I really need the night vision so just curious. Thanks!

If you sign up for the Beta program, you can get the beta firmware and software updates, which allow you to separately turn off the internal infrared emitters, but still have night vision mode on. (Your quality of night view will still be dependent on amount of light outside the window, or if you install an outside IR emitter, that is supposed to give good results).

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How do i sign up for the beta program?

@mhermsen1: You can sign up for the Beta program here:


One caveat: The ability to turn off IR emitters is limited to the V2 and Pan (not the V1)

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A tiny piece of black electrical tape will cover that light on the front surface of the camera and stop that reflection. You can also make a four- or five-sided “box” (the “front” edges of the box should come in contact with the window glass). The box should cover the camera and allow for the camera to move. The insides of the box should ideally be matte black. Then, even when the room lights are on, the camera won’t see any reflections from the room. If the glass and/or camera gets too hot, you can drill small holes to vent the rising hot air to the outside the box. And a hole or notch in one of the box surfaces will accommodate the power cable. This will help the camera greatly. Best wishes.

Try using 2 layers of black electrical tape to cover the black area around the lens of the WyzeCam. We tried cloth tape for lower reflection, IR light bleeds through, we also tried a single layer of black electrical tape, IR light also bleeds through. That is 3M black cloth and electrical tape, They are currently working on this in beta and you will soon be able to turn off the Infra-Red or IR lights around the camera lens and still leave the camera in night vision mode with the app. Until then, when the new app is released this is what we had to do with 5 Wyzecam v2’s. We put a single strip down each side vertically, one on top of the other along the face of the camera! We are also adding both daylight floods and IR flood lights around the building which seem to be more effective since there are fewer insect events and more IR lighting coverage in the areas we specifically want lighted by IR at night. Thus the IR light is not directly in front of the cameras and fewer insect fly-by false events occur. Also, I do not recommend trying to cut the tape on the face of the cameras, cut the tape first, then install it on the camera. The closer to the glass, or flat against the glass, the less reflection you will see. If you place the camera firmly against the glass the black tape acts as a sort of seal against the glass and seems to prevent reflection. If you look closely at the photo you can see how is has this effect. If you could find a black rubber O ring to fit the camera’s lens and to seal the camera against the glass, the camera’s internal IR lighting could possibly be left on without reflection if it was sealed directly and firmly against the glass?

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Any update on the IR window reflection beta testing ?

The IR LED on/off toggle is no longer beta, and has now been implemented into the public released app and firmware. :slight_smile:


Hi @ragbjg welcome to the community!!!
To turn the IR lights on/off, use the following process:

  1. Open the Wyze app
  2. Navigate to the camera’s Live Stream
  3. Go to the Settings by tapping the SettingsGear__1_.png icon in the top right of the screen
  4. Go to " Advanced Settings "
  5. From here, you should see an option labeled " IR Emission ". Toggle this setting off to turn the IR lights on the camera off

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