Wyze Cam v3 IR/Color Night Vision through window

Does either of the new near IR or Color Night Vision features provide any opportunity to shoot from inside a window to outdoors or will it still have problems with the reflection off the glass?

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Hi @dr_sanders The IR will still reflect off the glass, 850nm usu and 940nm is just less visable to the eye. Might want to use an external IR lamp (prob. not needed). You can read more about it here:

Remote IR illuminators are abundant on Amazon and eBay… I tend to shy away from eBay.

Welcome to the Wyze community @dr_sanders!
This is the camera flat against the window:
V2 no IR:

V3 No IR

The “E289 . . . “ Is now removed and was only for beta testing purposes.


This works nice for me … against the glass … be sure to get a 2a 12v PS.

Cheers, Jon

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These cameras were both outside side by side, but you can see the dramatic comparison.
You don’t have to worry about the IR lights reflecting off the window because you have them OFF and you can still have a great color outdoor image.

V2 cam IR lights OFF

V3 cam IR lights OFF


Makes me feel real good about the five V3 cameras that I ordered, the V2 is a nice camera but it doesn’t compare, for that matter neither does a WCO


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