Wyze Cam V3 filming through glass at nighttime

Does the new Cam V3 use the same red infrared lights that are on V2 for nighttime shooting that if against a window blind out what’s being recorded? Wondering if the new cameras are better for placing against a window. As always THANK U

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The V3s are WAY better for window installation. The starlight sensor helps with the night vision even with the IR lights off.
Hers a picture of the V3 in the window:

Here’s a V2:


Fantastic and thank u. I thought it would be a world of difference.

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It sure is!
Also, the black and white night vision without IR lights is much better as well.

(Looks the same as above)


To answer that question the v3 has 8 ir led’s, 4 are the style of the v2 and the other 4 are the style in the pan. You can use either set or none. As @Brlepage shows using none you will still get an improvement as the starlight sensor will make use of the minimal ambient light. All the v3’s I have outside have night vision turned off and I can see clearly.


When I bought my last V3, I also bought a window mount bracket as an accessory item from Wyze. So, yes, it can be used that way. I think you can even use the ‘near’ IR LEDs for this application. I didn’t need to, because I have enough light outside that Starlight does the trick for me.