Night and day difference, V2-V3 camera

Wow, starlight sensor makes huge difference!


Welcome back @unclerobmac!

It sure does! It’s definitely an improvement on the black and white night vision, plus it adds the color night vision too!

@unclerobmac A major difference. :+1:

Unreal. Do these come built into glasses?

Edit: Looks as if the answer is sorta, if you have $800 lying around. Cool tech.

This is just looking through a pane of glass. I learned if the camera is snug against the window it sees very well but you can’t turn on the infrared night lights. The new V3 has a better camera sensor that allows more light gathering and no need for infrared at all if there is some moonlight, street light, etc. I attach to window with 3m Command tape.

The V3 is MUCH better at color light detection at night. @Customer, what are you referring to with the $800 reference?

Something like this starlight monocular.