No color night vision. Almost zero night vision. I bought two v3's on Amazon. The ads show great pic's with color night vision. I can't see anything...?

No color night vision. Almost zero night vision. I bought two v3’s on Amazon. The ad shows great night vision. I don’t have that. Do I need to do something?

Can you show us screen caps? The only way I would expect what you describe is in a very low-light area where you don’t have Night Vision on, or don’t have the IR lights on if Night Vision is turned on.

Color night vision needs local lights, like in a suburb. A yard light, for instance.

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This happened to me as well. It might’ve been a dirty flash at the factory, or one that had been returned and neatly repackaged after they had f’d up a flashing. I can tell you a manual flash will return night vision to what you’re used to: being able to see in the dark without having to turn on the lights. I bought 2 and one did what yours is doing and the other was normal. I flashed both to the RTSP firmware, Both functioned flawlessly. Flashed em back to stock, both still working just fine.

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The v3 that the OP is referencing does not have RTSP firmware available. If you are talking about the v2, those do not have starlight sensor and do not perform anywhere near where the V3s operate at when it comes to low light conditions.

@curtmccool , reference this thread I’ll link, alot of the same info in there that would and will be referenced to you here.