Camera V3 No Color

I thought the V3 camera, according to packaging, and advertisement, has COLOR NIGHT VISION. My night vision has no color at all. Mine is mounted in my kitchen, and I have never seen color, other than daytime use. What’sup with that?

Turn off night vision in your settings. Tap the gear icon top right on the app home page, go to advanced settings, you have a night vision choice of Auto, On or Off. Turn it to Off and you will have Color Night Vison. Night vision on black and white, night vision off color.


Yes, actual night vision is the same as it always was, that is invisible-to-us near infrared light getting mapped to a B&W image that we can see.

When they refer to color night vision they are talking about the new starlight sensitivity of the normal imaging sensor. The V2 had a black picture under most all nighttime scenarios, except maybe a yard lit by floodlights. The V3 can see a color image at night with just a simple yard light, or even a cloudless full moon.

So turn off night vision to get color night vision, and in areas where it is really dark, turn on the normal night vision.