Cam v2 vs v3 - Sleeping Toddler Edition

I got my new v3 cameras delivered yesterday, and wanted to do a direct comparison. One of the main reasons I upgraded was to have a better quality camera for the toddler’s room - since he’s prone to… uhhh… stomach illness. So I wanted a sharper night vision picture. Here’s the direct comparison:

v3 on the top, older v2 on the bottom. Look at that difference! The detail in the blanket! His little fuzzy head! Crisp lines!

Here’s another view:

Huge difference. Hugely satisfied.


Nice improvement, but… that makes no sense? The two cameras have identical native resolution. The starlight sensor works better at low light levels though. I can’t quite tell - do you have the LEDs enabled or disabled on the cameras?

Impressive. I am currently using a V2 as a baby cam. I mostly chose the V2 because it seems to have a more sensitive microphone than the V3, but the picture quality on the V3 is impressively better. I might have to make the switch myself eventually or put them side-by-side for a bit to compare.

Thanks for sharing.

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Can you explain the quality? Is it only because these were in low light?

I believe it is mostly due to the extra light the V3’s take in. Not all lenses are equal in quality either, even when the resolution is technically the same.

You will probably remember that some of the V2 lenses used to have some kind of fogging issue that was discovered, and some users would go clean it and find a drastic difference in quality of the recording. This could also be related. Or it could quite simply be that the V3 lens is superior in clarity in other ways. But more light is usually better quality and clarity. You’ll notice the blanket almost seems to reflect more light with the V3, I think that is because of the starlight lens being more sensitive in that way.

People with pro cameras will often try to leave their shutter open for longer to pull in more light on some things to get better quality than if the shutter went quickly. It’s the same lens, but more light can produce a big difference depending on the use case.

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I haven’t changed the settings on them at all. Straight out of the box to the shelf. It is very low light in there.
Not only is it a dark room, at night, I have all the blinds closed because - baby.

If you think that’s something, you should see the v3 I have mounted up against a window using the v3 mount. I turned off the IR on these, and it’s just collecting natural light. At night. These things are ridiculous. This wasn’t taken at twilight. It was dark-dark.


That will vary throughout the year with snowfall (you probably rarely see that) and moon light (63% this night).

But SO MUCH better than the old V2 at night, which was basically blind. Or had both eyes shut? :grin: