Cam V3 Artifacts

Since moving over from Cam V2 to V3, I see a lot more blurry, distorted videos during the day. I never had an issue with the V2 in broad daylight.

I do appreciate the night vision benefits but the blury aspects are annoying. I have the same network. Do I need more bandwidth to run V3?

I don’t know for fact, but yes, I would agree that the V3 has more issues in bright light (or worse bright lights at night) than the V2. There is only so much dynamic range to work with.


I had to move my video quality down to SD on my V3 to get enough time on my uSD cards. Regretting having to do that. I needed clarity in the image when I didn’t have it. Moved my high capacity uSD to-do up on the list so I can get back to HD quality with better clarity.

Even HD quality still has artifacts.

If something moves, there is a high chance of blur. I tried SD in hopes the artifacts would disappear but no luck.

I only record triggered events, so space is not an issue.

The V2 works much better than the V3 till the sun goes down.

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I might have to go rummaging the interwebs for some V2 then. I have 3 V3 that shoot a fair distance. The digital blurring \ pixelation smudging, like you said, are pretty significant. If that doesn’t improve when I move to HD, I’m going to need to consider a different cam w\ better resolution at distance.

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I agree. It might be time to look for other options.

Good luck in your quest.

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