V3 picture quality pixelated/artifacts/trails, not as good as V2's

Just received my V3 camera and i’m pretty disappointed.

When using my V2 the quality is crisp, no pixelation or artifacts.
When using my V3 in the same exact placement it has massive pixelation and a lot of artifacts. Its really un usable compared to the V2.

Is this a defective product or has something changed that allows for pixelation/artifacts?

Any movement will cause a “trail” behind whats moving,

The V3 uses a new compression codec with a much lower resulting bitrate while maintaining the same 1080 resolution and I think better frame rate. Others have noticed artifacting in grass and the like. I haven’t heard of any plan to fix it.

Thanks for that detail, That’s an unfortunate upgrade…

Looks like ill need to return it, cant compete with the V2’s superior picture quality.

can’t imagine how you could use this for anything other than novelty like looking at a fish tank…

Dang. I ordered 3 of the v3 last week (still waiting for them to even ship… does it always take this long to pick/pack the order?) and I’ve been so impressed with the v2 that I didn’t think I needed to “just try one” and went for all 3 in that camera… Is it so wrong to assume that an upgrade means better quality??

That was my assumption because im happy with the V2.

The V2 in my opinion is a better product, has optional RSTP firmware, no pixelation and I can mod them to have manual focus. This V3 really soured my view of wyze products since this is completely a step down. The single feature the camera is supposed to do well it cannot do. Crisp video is really necessary the other features are just extras.

I like the v3’s myself, but I just use mine for security and they work great for night viewing. I guess they are not as sharp but for general use they are great.

that makes me feel better. we are getting them for security.

I do get more compression noise in my video but the better night vision without IR (shooting through window using just Starlight sensor with outside ambient light for color night vision) has been absolutely worth it for me.

I plan to replace all v2s with v3s once I don’t need the Sense Bridge anymore.

I’m on here seeking info on that blasted pixelation happening with the V3 Cam. Only at night time and yes, I have it showing the back yard which is grassy. Otherwise, I am with you on the choice to keep using it because I can see the yard without having to turn on a light. It’s mostly pitch black out there without one.

Same here, Tried all support channels to let them know the picture quality is awful. So much artifacts on moving objects. Almost impossible to recognize faces or number plates of cars driving by at slow speed. I think it’s just a few tweaks on the codec settings.

V2s can still be purchased from Wyze… I personally prefer them and haven’t found the V3s to add much value.

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My v3 is orders of magnitude better than any of my v2 cams. The picture is amazing in comparison and the colour night vision is awesome. Perhaps firmware has made a difference since your experience, seeing as I’ve only had mine for a little over a month.