Wyzecam v2 JXF23 sensor picture quality worse than v1?

Do most of you notice that the picture quality of the v2 us worse than the v1? I recently got the v2 black wyzecam. I don’t know if it’s because of the new JXF23 sensor or if it’s the v2. I manually recorded a video of about 2 minutes. The video had a really yellowish tint sometimes and then it was whitish which is the normal color. The color accuracy changed back and forth from yellow to white many times during the short video. The lighting didn’t change in the room at all because it was at night with the lights on. I don’t know if my other v2 JXF22 sensor has that problem or if it’s just the new sensor which is the issue. Perhaps, my unit is defective or is it like this in all the new units? My v1 has very good color accuracy.


Can you post a pic? Really hard to tell without it, but, it sounds like the sensor is faulty.

I agree.

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Yes, agreed JXF23 sensor picture quality is worse than JXF22. I immediately noticed a difference. Maybe I was spoiled with the JFX22 sensor, I have 2 V1 and 2 original V2’s and just received 3 of the new V2’s with JXF23 sensors, The older cams picture quality was instantly appeasing to my eyes, whereas the JXF23 was instantly not for some reason. Unfortunately, I waited for the new sensor because Wyzecam reported an improvement in the night vision, which I thought would be worth giving up the increased field of view of the original V2, but I don’t see any difference in that aspect. There is also a definite color difference, the colors seem a bit muted. The worst part for me is the video, the picture keeps re-rendering in what looks like decreasing resolution and then pops back to clearer and starts cycle again, so picture “pulses” and looks terrible on pause or zoomed. I’m glad others are corroborating the same experience, Unfortunately, I am going to have to return the 3, and eat the shipping I guess :frowning: and hope they come out with something better, or revert back to JXF22.

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Yeah the video seems like it is re rendering or something which causes the colors to be all off as well. I’m surprised no one else has reported their disappointment of the new JXF23 sensor. I wanted a black wyzecam because it blended in better… But I didn’t expect the quality to be worse. I thought it was supposed to be better.

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OMG! I just contacted support about this and its like the guy never heard of it before. I even sent a video. The video quality is pretty bad and I might have to return these things if they cant fix it with a firmware upgrade. I am on the beta firmware and I thought maybe it was that but now I am thinking its not. Check out the video quality. The resolution seems to pulse every 2 seconds. Look at the driveway. It is not snowing.

Hmm, that is odd…never seen that before, but, then again, I don’t got a V2 cam with the new sensor.

@JonSnow, I see that periodically with all of my cameras that are monitoring outdoors areas. The two that are actually mounted outdoors do it the most, and they have the JXF22 CMOS in them. This is not just a JXF23 trait. YMMV.

My issue was with an indoor camera at night with the lights on…it just kept turning a very yellow shade on and off. Once I get a chance I’ll try to post a sample. I don’t really see much a problem with the video you posted, Jon. Mine is a lot worse.

Ha! Once you see it you won’t be able to stop seeing it though.

Turn your phone landscape and focus only on the driveway. It’s doing it everywhere but it’s easy to notice by looking at the white specks on the driveway.

My indoor cameras do it also it’s just not as noticeable. Something weird is going on with these cameras.

Also the person with the yellow I think they fixed that with the beta firmware

please attached some images for us to check once you have a chance.

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The video is above check it out. Look at the driveway.

There is definitely a clear distinction between the images produced by the two different sensors, with the newest one obviously being inferior. I’ve had them running side by side and it is undeniable. The worst part is the pulsing of the jxf23’s live feed, just as in the provided video. I am so on the fence about returning them.

Sorry to hear about this issue, @cheaplikeafox! I’m talking to the dev team about this and they would like to see that video (or another one demonstrating the yellow tint) if possible.

I’m tagging @WyzeLi to bring her here.

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WyzeGwendolynAny idea what is causing the flickering and how if it can be resolved.

Any chance you could post a video example of this? I can get a tech to look at it. :slight_smile:

Wyzecam photo above and phone camera snapshot of what the real color should be below

I don’t have a sample video of it going from white to yellow… But currently the video feed is just yellow.

Its an amazing cloud if it is passing over at the exact same interval over and over.

Maybe people are thinking that video is looped. Its not looped the video is 26 seconds long. Its also not snowing. Its almost like the cameras go from low to high resolution then snaps back to low over and over. I will try and upload another video this week. I just don’t feel like getting the memory card out of that camera right now.

The yellow thing is actually the same for me on my pan and tilt wyze cam. Depending on the direction I point it everything will either look right or turn yellow. I have the beta firmware on mine and its the same.

Its adjusting to lighting bad. White balance is off.

Do you have led lighting?

I haven’t noticed on my pan and tilt but maybe because that one is pointed outside. I have both led and nonled lighting that sample photo in the room.