Wyzecam v2 with JXF22 sensor?

Just bought 2 v2 cams from Amazon. The first one has the JXF23 sensor and has a narrower view angle whereas the second one has the JXF22 sensor with a wider view angle. I thought all the v2 cams came with the newer JXF23 sensor? They both have 4 IR leds, so shld be v2.

Also noticed that the picture quality is worse with the JXF22 sensor. I’ve been reading on another post that its the opposite. Its sharp on the left half of the picture but looks out of focus towards the right half. The JXF23 is sharp throughout the entire picture. This is the second replacement from AMZ with the same out of focus towards the right. Is v2 with the JXF22 sensors old stock or some manufacturing mix-ups?