Night Vision Quality?

I have 4 camera, put them side by side in a dark room. Took a bunch of screen shots to compare. Moved camera positions to make sure it wasn’t a certain angle. Two cameras are significantly brighter than the other 2. The bright ones show a great pic the dark ones well are dark.
I guess if I didn’t see the brighter ones I’d accept the darker ones as okay but after viewing the brigher ones I’d much rather have all cameras look like those.
I’ve tried switching power supplies, alternating cables, etc. Its the cameras. Included two comparing pics. Made sure when one cameras led and night vision were one the rest of the cameras leds were off. All 4 cameras were bought at home depot, they were right next to each other so I don’t think some are much older than others.

I can’t say for sure if this is the case, but it is possible that one cam has the JX-F22 sensor and the other one a JX-F23 sensor. I guess it depends on how long some of the cams were stored in a warehouse.

See the comparisons here.


I guess it might be that. Is there any way to tell what sensor is in your camera from the numbers on the camera or on the box? Some boxes I bought have a picture of a brown poodle on it, the other is a dog with a birthday hat on. No clue what cameras came out of what boxes.
The two night vision pics that Wyze posted for the different sensors don’t look that different. Mine look like there are an extra 2-4 extra IR lights on one camera to get a pic that much brighter. I also checked and all 4 IR lights on all 4 cameras are lighting up when NightVision is enabled.

I’m going to return the 2 dark ones to HD and try 2 more. Its not a huge deal , I mean its pretty impressive what they have achieved for $20. I would assume very precise quality control standards would be difficult at this price point, and I’m sure most people would be okay with the darker pic. That pic is in pretty much a pitch black room.

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I also noticed on Auto that the IR lights seem to have a transitional brightness dependent on the need. I was playing around with this the other night. not sure if it was all in my head or an optical illusion but it seemed that way to me,

Think I figured it out. Its the brightness of the IR sensors not the Image Sensor. I set two cams next to each other, one that had a bright image (Cam A) and one that had a darker image (Cam B). I set Night Vision on both to on. I turn turned the IR lights on Cam A on and the IR Lights on Cam B off. Took a screen shot of from both cameras and both were decently bright. Then I reversed it and turn the IR lights on Cam A off and the IR lights on cam B on. Then took a screen shot of both Cameras and they were both darker.
I think it this case the 4 IR bulbs on some cameras are just more powerful.
There was some background light from the hallway in all 4 pics so it doesn’t look as drastic as the pics in my first post which was pitch black. But I think you can still see the first 2 are brighter with
Cam As IR lights vs the second 2 with Cam Bs IR lights


Could you do me a favor, and look at the front of your cams when the night vision is on and see if all the IR lights are on? I’m curious if maybe one of the IR bulbs is out, when you look at the cam you should be able to see the, illuminated “red” looking

I doubt that would make much difference. If all 4 are side-by-side, all the IR lights are illuminating the room, meaning that all 4 cameras would benefit from the IR lights on the other ones. Even if one of them is off, all 4 should get slightly dimmer by about 1/4.

EDIT: Just noticed he already seems to have figured it out. He said the IR illuminators are a little dimmer on some of the cameras than others.

Right, that’s why I was saying to actually look at the front of the camera with your eyes to see if any of the IR lights are out on the cam that is dimmer. because you can see the “red glow” from the IR lights when you physically look at them.

So one of the darker image cameras the IR lights red glow is a little dimmer. However the other darker image camera the IR bulb red glow is just as bright as the cameras that have bright pictures.
The red is probably just a small amount of the visible spectrum that we can see. Most of the intensity is that would light up the room is not visible to us.