Latest camera update night vision much brighter

Since the last update that happened most recently, I’ve noticed the night vision is much brighter looking. It could be either the IR LED’s are glowing brighter or the brightness of the screen automatically adjusted up. Does anybody have any similar thoughts?

Which model of Wyze cam?

I have V2 and V3 models with former firmware, could try tonight and see if there is a difference.

V2’s. Pan cams also.

I have updated all my V3 cameras and all but one V2 which when I have the time at night this week.

I will get pictures or videos of before and after the update.

You are correct there is an increase in Brightness/Contrast after updating the V2.
I doubt the IR LED’s are being driven harder to increase brightness, more likely it is a change in the brightness or contrast.

I took a snapshot before and after update to compare…


WHERE are your pics?