Latest software kill night vision quality?

Has anyone noticed a decrease in night vision quality with the last firmware update on the v3?? I’ve got before and after clips and it’s like night and day. My set up was able to see tons of detail without the lnfrared lights or even the dusk/dark settings. Not I can’t see a thing at the same settings.

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I have not noticed a real change in mine, but I don’t usually use night vision either. I have enough ambient light that it sees well at night. Can you post photos of before and after if you have them.


Before - about 2 weeks back

Same camera - last night.

@jasnb Make sure you you have “far” set on the night vision settings under the cameras settings. Open the specific camera up>tap on the settings cog wheel>advance settings>tap on night vision ir lights>select “far”

There was a full moon on Sunday 28 March 2021, hence the good illumination where there is no man-made lighting.

There was almost no moon 12 days later on Friday 09 April 2021 (3.7% full).

I predict it will look like picture 1 again on 26 April (unless there are clouds!)

Just for kicks, turn on your porch light tonight, and turn off the night vision. Then look at the picture when it gets real dark, like at your 10 PM-midnight times. Bet it’s beautiful.

The nice thing about the starlight sensor capability is you get all natural colors. So if someone in a black coat comes into your yard it doesn’t look like they have a white coat because their coat reflects IR so well. Nice to be able to tell the police they had a red or green coat on, instead of just a coat.

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Heck, after the last software update to my v3 cameras, their low light sensitivity has been dramatically reduced. Making them basically useless in low light situations. Don’t the guys at Wyze actually test their software before release. What a huge disappointment in the company.

Welcome to the forums! Do you have any before and after compairson photographs? What was the old firmware you had and what firmware version did you move to?

Third post down… comparison pictures… how’d yah miss that? LOL…

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