Dim night vision after update

After the dead notification fiasco on my cam pan v1 I had to update my firmware and android app. After that the night infra red view is dim. I can barely see 3 feet out in front of the camera and that is dark. I have tried it with night vision in auto and on. That was yesterday, 10/17/23. Tonight I open the app and try to access the camera and am told I need to update the firmware again so I do. 10/18/23 NO CHANGE!

I am getting a person notification now if I get in range but haven’t got any other notifications. I am trying to catch a stray cat in my barn so I can yell at it.

Do you have the IR illuminators enabled?

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Did you read my post?

I tried with night vision in auto and on.

It was working before the updates and it sucks they can’t do a firmware update that doesn’t change settings but it did switch my normal auto setting to on which of course made it black and white in the daytime until I switched it back to auto.

The night vision mode and the IR lights are two seperate settings, and @K6CCC was making sure the other setting was enabled also.

Do you have a before and after picture available? What actual firmware version is on the camera right now, and what is it saying that it wants to upgrade to again? And what version of the app are you using right now?

Meh! It’s doing another firmware update now. 3 updates in 3 days so I assume they know they screwed something up.

New firmware
Night vision set to auto. Night vision IR lights set to on. Still dark.

Now the APP wants to update again.

Same ol WYZE BS.

Don’t know where to find the app version but it’s new to me as of 5 minutes ago.

Just wondering… what is this in the corners? Is that a full cam image or a zoom/crop?


What were the starting firmware versions, and what did the app want to update it to? There have actually been only 2 production firmware releases for the original pan camera this year, with the most recent release in September.


Do you have any before examples? From old events, old screen shots or from old sd card footage? Did you reposition the camera at all recently? How many IR lights are shown when you look at the front of the camera when they are on?

From the home page in the app, click Account, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click About.

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Camera is in a 3 section Carolina Carports barn. The line you made on the left is one of the frame uprights. The right is just fuzzy focus. Image is not cropped.

Camera has not been moved. It sits on a shelf between two sections of the barn and rotates/tracks movement.

I don’t think I have any saved before pics.

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After a lengthy chat with support they suggested I do a reset on the camera which I did. No improvement. I wish I had a before the firmware release image but I don’t I clearly remember being able to see the back wall of the barn lit up by the IR lights prior to this firmware update so I’m convinced it was the culprit.