New Beta Firmware Released on Pan

Thank you all for reporting the IR or night vision not working issue and send us very helpful logs. We did lots of internal test and experiments in the last week. A new Beta version on Pan released a few minutes ago, and it’s supposed to resolve the annoying issue. We need your help to verify the fix on Pan, and if you ran into the same issue on the latest Beta version firmware ( of Cam V2, please let us know. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks again for the support and understanding.


My first Pan is showing that it is and when I check update, it says that it’s up to date. Won’t get

IR night vision issue still manifests itself in latest firmware for Cam Pan, Camera placed in total darkness and verified that IR LEDs were on produces a totally black photo with the exception of the time stamp watermark.

I still have an unanswered, open ticket on this from the firmware release. :unamused:

Updated my 2 PANs this morning, will keep an eye on them.

Two days later, my window Pan camera is showing that it has and is up to date. Will not let me get
iOS app beta version 2.1.21 in case that matters…

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Just checked both of mine… both are still .34