Night Vision no longer works, camera's are laggy, since last update

Since the last update I noticed that my camera’s were shut off. upon turning them back on. Both no longer have a good night vision view. I cant even see anything legibly. When i set it from auto to on, then i can see a little better. Both camera’s have worked flawlessly up until now. being that they both are having the same issue at the same time. I am going to believe that its a software issue. was something changed in Night vision? can you change it back? at this point they are about worthless for anything but daylight. was always so impressed by how well it worked in the past? I dont see another topic regarding but have to think there are others that have this problem. why would both cameras start doing this at the same time? I also have 2 wyze plugs, the sensor pack, and a door w/ keypad. all of the others are working as expected.

Have you verified that your IR lights are on?

Yes i’ve tried it with them on and off on both cameras.

It’s not clear which update you’re referring to, but I’m going to speculate you mean this one?

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Could very well be. thank you for linking me. I may try reverting back to the previous firmware. My sensors are consistently dropping off, requiring me to reboot the camera they are attached to in order to restore them.

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