Night vision issue Cam V2 AND PAN after firmeware update

Hello, my two wyze cams no longer work in night vision since the last firmware update. I hear the “click” when I turn off the lights. The infrared LEDs are on, but everything is black.
Cam V2 firmeware :
Pan :

Welcome to the forums! Does the cameras still work normally? Is it just at night it shows black? If you night vision to off, what happens? Since the firmware update, have you verified that the IR light are still enabled? Looks like you are one version behind the current production version, try updating to the current version for each camera, then verify all your settings are where you want them and then test the night mode again.

I tried to update both firmware, but it says: Your firmware is up to date! I am located in Canada if it can have an impact …
Yes the cameras work well during the day.
They are black only at night.
With the night vision off I hear the click and the image remains black as in night vision activated.
Yes I checked in the app and on the cameras and the infrared LEDs are activated.