Lost night vision with Firmware version: upgrade

Has anyone else had this issue?

Hello @wacollin,
Take a look at Troubleshooting Night Vision below. There may be something in this support section that will help.

Before anything else, it’s important to check whether your night vision is turned on or not whenever it appears as though the camera is struggling to see in the dark.

  1. Open the Live Stream for the camera and allow it to complete its connection.
  2. Cycle the Night Vision settings through AutoNVAuto.png, Off NVOff.png, and On NVOn.png.
  3. Power the camera down and allow 5-10 seconds before powering back up.
  4. Change the position of the camera.

If night vision is turned on, and the image looks black and white while the room’s lights are turned on (or while the sun is up), but looks completely black in the dark, this could be a sign that the IR lights are simply turned off. To make sure the IR lights are enabled:

  1. Open the Live Stream for the camera and allow it to complete its connection.
  2. Tap the gear-shaped icon in the top right to open the camera’s Settings
  3. Tap on Advanced Settings
  4. Check the ‘Night Vision IR Lights’ option to make sure that it’s toggled on
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I have 4 version 1 of Wyzecam and 3 Wyzecam pan and 1 Wyzecam v2. Several months ago I noticed the night vision to not work as well in the same area as prior. What did Wyzecam do???

And yes I checked everything like StopICU33 said.

I’ve done all of this multiple times. I have upgraded firmware since but still no night vision.

How long is the warranty on the camera. Night vision still not working. I ordered another but figured I should try to get this one working. I did notice I only see 2 infrared lights and the specs say 4?

I think it is defective and would like to return for service or replacement.

Can you post screen shots of the app window and what the camera is seeing? Examples of day time and when the “night vision isn’t working” would help, thanks!

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Just to add to what @Omgitstony said, this is a user to user community and while WYZE employees are here time to time they do not read every thread. There are many helpful users here and they can help you figure out if it is a missing setting or not, but you will need to contact support if you need to seek replacement.