Wyze Pan Cam Night Vision Not Working

Received my new Wyze Cam Pan from Amazon yesterday. I went through the set up process very easily. Everything woks great until the room gets dark. I have made sure Night Vision is set to auto. I have also tried toggling between Off, Auto, and On and waited about 30 seconds between each one. I get nothing but a pitch black picture. When toggling the switch on the app I can hear the camera click as if it is turning the feature on or off. However when the night vision is set to Auto or On there are no visible IR lights illuminated on the face of the camera. Anyone else having this issue?? I have also tried power cycling several times I also have 2 v2 cameras set up and everything works great on them.

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Same issue. Very frustrating.

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After continuous emails back and forth with a support team member and countless tedious hours of troubleshooting to only get the same result finally they are claiming they are sending me a replacement camera. I really hope this one works or Im going to be really upset.

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I am having the same problem with my cameras. After following the suggested trouble shooting, nothing. It works then it doesnt work. Before my updates they were working fine. But, after the updates my cameras show dark at nigjt with no night vision. Any other suggestions? I really need my night vision since my cameras are pointed outside and that is a primary security concern. I have two at my mother in Laws and 5 at my home all are acting up One more thing sometimes my cameras show in black and white, what is that all about?

Wheb night vision turns on the camera switches to black and white. That is normal.

Thanks Jason but I mean when its not in night vision mode.

Well that would have me stumped as the only time night vision should kick in is when it is in night vision. When it does that I would check and make sure the button right above the cam did not get switched to on. If it is switching to black and white/night vision I would get support involved.