Night vision does not work

Night vision is not existent in a lightless room. What is the point if the device needs a light on to work? I use mine indoors. When a light is on in the general area, night vision can see things in the light and night vision will toggle on and off when it looks closer to the light. When I turn the lights off and leave the room completely black the camera never sees anything. No matter how close I get to it, it can’t see me. If there are truly IR lights in this, the area in the first 10-20 feett should be completely visible.

My cloud cam can see over 40 feet in a completely dark room. This cannot be the way they intended for the wyzecam to work.

There seems to be an ongoing issue with the night vision that several users have reported. The latest firmware release as of a couple of days ago was supposed to address this.

My Cam Pan still has the issue after the latest firmware update. In a completely dark living area of about 20’ x 20’ the camera shows a black image even having verified that the IR LEDs are lit. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

I would go ahead and open a support ticket about this with all relevant info to assist Wyze in achieving a favorable outcome to this issue,

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Unfortunately I am not willing to wait a week for a response from them. I submitted a support request on Friday. If there is no response by Wednesday I’m sending this back. It’s useless to me without night vision and I am not willing to eat the $40 if it’s going to take me outside of my return period with the store.

I’m not quite sure what your expectations are, but I have several of mine that are in otherwise un-lit rooms. I have two in my garage and have no trouble seeing stuff in the garage. Same thing with the other inside cameras.

I don’t understand your question. I expect it to actually see in the dark. It doesn’t. I think I’ve been very clear on that.

I have 5 of the V2’s and 1 Pan. All “see” very well even in pitch black rooms. What you are experiencing is a defective unit. Return it and replace it.

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Did anyone else have the issue where the IR filter would stay engaged and the picture would be monochrome even in a normally lit room (daytime)?


I received my wyze cam pan today, everything works fine except nightvision. Does anyone have a fix for this or a reply from support?

Hello @kenkey, does night vision not active when you have it set to “on” or “auto”?

When I turn nightvision on or set it on auto It’s still a black screen. There are also no IR leds burning. The only change I notice is hearing a click when turning nightvision on.

I thought i had the same issue but set mine to Auto then waited. It took about a minute but the image slowly went from black to clearly visible. It was as if the illuminator was very slowly ramping up its output. Still an issue but it did work.

Hello @kenkey, If you click this link HERE, it’ll lead you to a troubleshooting article that should hopefully help you out. Let me know if the problem still persist after trying the steps.

Thanks for your reply. I tried it but it didn’t solve the problem :frowning:

Hi @kenkey, are you using the beta or public version of the app? IR emitter toggling is being tested in the beta version.

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I’m using the public version of the app on android

Thanks for the information. I noticed in another thread you have submitted a support ticket. If you were on the beta, I was going to recommend trying to toggle the IR emitters off, and then back on. Since you aren’t on beta, that isn’t possible.

I totally understand if you aren’t willing to try beta features. It’s intended for people who are don’t mind trying new stuff, but at the same time possibly experiencing issues that affect their use of the cameras.

Please let us know how the support ticket submission goes.

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I’ll keep you guys updated if I get a response from support :slight_smile: thanks again for the replies!


In some cases, this issue has been resolved with a factory reset after the latest firmware has been installed.


Thanks, @Loki. I wasn’t aware of that. :slight_smile:


I have the problem with three out of five of my Cam Pans. 2 give great night vision; 3 are really dark and do not provide anything useful at night.

The LEDs are lit (as seen through my phone’s camera). The camera clicks when the night mode is turned on, so I think the filter is coming in place.

I gave tried cycling the modes; cycling power; factory resetting and using magnets as per other threads. To my mind, it does look like an algorithm issue rather than anything else.

Any help would be very much appreciated.