Night vision not working!

Night vision doesn’t seem to work anymore. IR lights are on and I can see them but image is still pitch dark. What could be the reason? Night vision tried auto and on both. It’s not phone specific as same on both android and iOS.

Are you trying to project the IR through glass?
Most IR doesn’t pass through glass.

No camera is in my garage. Already tried moving it around and factory reset etc.

During the day, if you toggle on night vision, does it change to Black/white? (If does go into nightvision greyscale, would suggest to me that it’s not issue of night vision not working, but rather the IR lights on the camera not working…)

Yes it goes black n white. So can IR Light not work even if I can see it on? What else happens inside the camera for night vision to work? Is it faulty hardware then?
Also I don’t hear anything when I turn on night vision manually. Is it supposed to make a clicking sound?

Hey there Khadanja,

Your Wyze Cam V2 or Pan may be defective. To check if the night vision IR lights are working, please follow this guide.

When night vision is activated, a lens filter is moved so you should hear a click sound.

  1. Place your Wyze Cam V2 or Pan in a dark area.
  2. Connect it to power.
  3. Connect to the Wyze Cam that is giving you issues.
  4. Above the live feed, Cycle the Night Vision settings until you’re at (On) NVOn.png.
  5. Get your phone and open the camera app.
  6. Point your phone’s camera to the Wyze Cam and if you are able to see the IR lights on (make sure you get your camera close), then the night vision IR lights are working.

If you are unable to see the IR lights, your camera may be defective.


Hi Kenner
So this is what’s happening. I can see the IR lights but no clicking sound when manually activating night mode. Picture goes black n white though during day time but in darkness it’s pitch black even with the IR lights ON.

Hmm sounds strange,

Let’s do some more troubleshooting, now place your camera in a dark cabinet and turn on night vision. Upload what you see here, if you are able to tell what objects are in the cabinet, night vision is on, if you cannot tell and only see dark/black, the IR filter may not be working properly, so you would need to return and replace your device.


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I just trouble shooted the same problem that you had, over here with a cam that I just installed. I had the thing set to on or auto, but nothing worked til I turned the ir lights on in the advanced menu. Make sure this is set to on also:

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Hi I think I’m having the same issue on both of my Wyze Cam Pan, I purposely have the IR Lights OFF because both are pointing outside through a window. Both have the latest firmware My question is: can the cameras see in pitch black without the IR Light on? Or is the IR Light the reason these cameras can see in pitch black? Thanks

Yep, the IR lights illuminate the area when it’s dark so that the camera in black and white mode can see in the dark.

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the do make IR illuminators you could put outside so the camera would pick up that light even looking through a window. it would be like an invisible flood light :slight_smile:

its my plan for 3 of my cameras that look through windows.


Maybe that is what Wyze needs to produce next - a “smart” IR bulb.

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I was waiting a bit to make that request :slight_smile: at least we know it would match what the night vision picks up lol

I just hooked up my camera for first time in months. Updated firmware and put camera in window. In night mode without IR it’s pitch black. With IR on there is just glare from window. I used to use these in window at night at my last place and they worked fine. I could see what was going on outside. Now, nothing.
What’s odd is that when I turn off IR and return to viewing screen, for a second I can see outside like it used to work, but then it goes pitch black.
What is going on?

To the last part, I am guessing it’s the white balance adjusting to the new picture. Just like when you turn the IR back in, it takes a second for the camera to corectly expose what it now sees. Can you post a picture of what you see now? And to the first part, I can’t begin to comment on why the camera “worked at your old place” because there are to many variables that are unknown to us. Different style of windows, more ambient outdoor light, different camera settings, etc.

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Thanks for this, It’s informative, but unfortunately doesn’t help much with my current dilemma. I have the camera in a window of a room above my garage facing the street, and a light posted on the window would not illuminate far enough to see my car, but would probably annoy my neighbors. I still would like to understand why it worked at my last house but not here. They both had new, double paned windows. The only thing I can think of is that there may have been a brighter street light at my last house.

I don’t have a screenshot of what was going on last night. But I wish there was some way to adjust the white balance so it would show what it does in that split second between modes.

then you go with ir flood light maybe.