Night vision stopped working

My night vision stopped working yesterday, I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips and nothing has worked. Has anyone had this happen and were able to fix it?

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What have you tried?

Can i still replace the first camera’s bought when Wyze first started up? … with the ones that work, I’ve had an outdoor cam stop for no known reason, the 2 pan cams i have are upside down and are really difficult to log on too, from the scanner. This would be awesome though if i could, i have the hub, 3 lightbulb holder PIR a few reg cams the outdoor one and pan cams; which are the ones i ultimately care about and if that’s possible I would like to have them replaced with the new ones that work correctly. Thanks Wzye! James Wallace

Under live stream I will toggle between “auto” “on” and “off”, under advanced settings my IR lights are on. I’ve repositioned the camera. I’ve cleared cache. I would unplug it wait 5 minutes and plug it back in. Signed out and back in. Restarting. I’ve even deleted the device and did set up all over again. I’ve even tried different rooms to see if maybe it was the lighting. And no luck. It happened once before but after an hour it started working. This time it didn’t happen

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Are you hearing a small click coming from the camera when toggling this setting?

Wow, First to say, you have certainly tried everything that I would try. And you are quite patient with your explanation. Sorry, I can’t add anything new that you have not already done. whew.


I reached out to Wyze support they said they’re going to send me a replacement but I’m very determined to get it to work. I wish I knew why it stopped working.

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FWIW, I am the same way. Something stops working, that should be working, I go (further) wacky trying to find out why and get it working again. Becomes a challenge.

Sounds like me

All of my cameras are suddenly nearly completely black at night and night vision seems to have totally gone away. I’ve also tried restarting, resetting, charging settings, etc. Nothing seems to be working to fix them.

Have you ensured that the night vision toggle on the live view is set to auto or on? Could you try toggling it?

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Yes. Even if I turn night vision on and night vision IR lights on, a couple of them are still nearly pitch black. 2 of the 5 have enough light to be semi-useful, but not even close to what they used to be.

This has happened to me as well, with my V3’s. Exactly like Tazkak. I’d like to know why too.

In the cams advanced settings, do you have the IR set to near or far?