Nightvision issues on Wyze outdoor v2

I bought a home bundle back in November and thus far, replaced 2 cameras. I have a chat going now with techs on the 3rd I need replaced. Wondering if I just got a bad batch or if there is a known ongoing issue with night vision? The first cam that had to be replaced, motion sensor didnt work right out of the box. Wyze replaced it, no issues. (Thats the one really great thing I will give Wyze. Customer service is phenomenal; as is easy of replacements).

Second cam suddenly had issues at the begining of the month with the night vision turning on when motion was triggered at night. It just switches on, then off, then on, then off, then records pure darkness. I worked through all the troubleshooting steps as instructed and they are sending a replacement (hoping its not lost somewhere, shipping is way late and tracking not updated in a few days).
I have another camera that started doing the EXACT same thing with night vision a few days ago. Its like it just cant stay on. Before the night vision issue, both cameras work perfectly fine. Any known bugs?

Sounds a lot like the code has an issue. Going on suggests it works. Going off then on then off then blackness suggests it tried but had some issue it didn’t know how to deal with and ends deciding to do blackness.

It could be a physical issue but if it looks like its working correctly when on then its something related to physical stability probably I would think. I just don’t see that happening on multiple devices.

A code issue would be so much more likely and absolutely entirely possible yeah.

*Without getting into that too much, code issues can appear after various things happen if the code is tied into a lot and are difficult to fix due to the combo effects. So, a new device working doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a good way to go. (If it was a simple fix then they’d just fix it.)