Faulty Wyze Cam Outdoor?

One of my WCO’s has been acting up lately. A couple weeks ago, the “Auto” setting for Night Vision Mode would not work. If I set it to Auto, the screen would just be black. However, if I manually turned it on, night vision would work. And if I turned it off, night vision would turn off, though I’d still have a picture lit up by whatever ambient light is available. But Auto would yield a pitch black screen. I took the camera down, power cycled it and that seemed to fix that issue.

Fast forward a couple weeks to yesterday, now the same camera is sending me motion detection alerts every 3 minutes (i.e. the set Recording Cooldown period) even though there is no motion. I tried power cycling, turning off/on the Detection Zone, playing with the Detection Distance and Image Sensitivity settings. Nothing has worked. I have three WCOs and this is the only one acting this way. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions?