Wize outdoor Night vision wont turn on in Auto Mode

With night vision in auto mode , night vision stays off . I have tried shutting off power to the camera and updating the firmware. Any ideas ?

Are you referring to the Wyze Cam Outdoor (wco)? Or the v3, which is outdoor rated? How dark does the area where the camera get? Picture from the camera view? And to confirm when you turn nv β€œon”, it does switch to black and white mode?

If the v3, check the dusk/dawn settings, where you may have to much ambient light in the area to make it turn to nv while in auto. The dusk/dawn settings tell the camera how light the view is and when to go into nv mode.


WCO version. It gets pitch black , I have it inside the house . It does switch to black and white mode , the NV LEDs turn on and the picture is good when I turn on NV with the app. Just wont turn on in Auto mode.

Hmmm. What firmware version is on the camera and what app version do you use? I know there have been issues with the recent few wco firmware updates but have heard only really connection issues, not loose of nv functions.

My 4 WCO are outside, night vision set to Auto with IR lights on and they have been working fine. I am using firmware on the cams, base is

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You may need to call Wyze for a replacement. But I would recommend a V3 inside the house?