Wyze outdoor Night vision wont turn on in Auto Mode

Just recently camera won’t switch to night vision when in Auto mode. Worked fine for the last few months. Just added another camera and then noticed that it wasn’t working properly.

Do you get IR lights? If not looks like dead IR sensor. Contact customer support.

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Try toggling night vision between on off and auto a few times. Is the view not turning to B&W or your just not seeing the NV IR lights? Even if you put the cam in a pitch black room?

Sometimes the IR filter gets stuck, so you could try lightly bumping the cam against your hand as a last resort.

I can toggle it between on, off and auto myself. It is just not doing it manually like my other two cameras

Check the setting for dusk vs dark when in auto mode. When that setting is in dark, it has to be REALLY dark before it switches to night mode. In the dusk setting it switches with quite a bit more light.

These are the only settings I see for my cameras

Sorry, for whatever reason I thought you were asking about a V3 camera. The battery powered outdoor cameras are substantially crippled to preserve battery life.
Honestly, you could not give me any of them…

Thanks for trying, used two of them for the last six months and love them. Added a new one last week and then this old one started acting up

Guessing you meant automatically here?

If so, did you test putting it in a really dark room, or even just covering the front of the cam with something for a few seconds, so it will be really dark. Still doesn’t do it?

Yes, I did mean automatically. As for the darkness, that one is in the most dark area.