Wyze Cam (original) is dark and monochrome even during the day

The video from one of my Outdoor Cams no longer shows color, even during the day, and is super dark at night, like it’s gotten stuck in night mode but the IR filter isn’t moving out of the way.

I have 4 original outdoor cams, 2 outdoor cam v2, and an early indoor cam. I am only seeing this problem on the one outdoor cam.

Live view the camera, and check the little moon icon next to the battery percentage. Make sure it’s on auto

Moon is on Auto.

At night it’s super dark.

Hmm, change it to off and see if it shows color to verify it actually works. When it’s on auto, how dark is it. In advanced settings you can adjust some settings related to it.

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In the advanced settings, is “night vision IR lights” enabled? Can you post a picture of what the camera view is so we can see what it looks like?

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Changing it to off had no effect.

IR night vision lights is enabled.

I seem to have solved it for now. I charged it to full and after it had charged up I turned it on each side and tapped it firmly with my finger, because that helped with a similar problem on my Arlo camera (the IR filter wasn’t retracting for night shots). It now seems to be working fine.

We’ll see if it stays that way or starts misbehaving after a while or when the battery drops lower.

Strange, how old is this camera? Has it ever been dropped? It could be eligible for a warranty replacement if it’s not old, as it seems to be a hardware failure.

Activated 5/3/2021 so that’s just over 2 years old.

See if it happens again, let us know.