Outdoor wyze cam bad night vision

Hi all,

I am recently having issues with the night image on my outside camera. My indoors cam has a clear picture while the outside one is quite dark. Any ideas on what i can do to fix this?

I have tried restarting, unplugging and replugging, software is up to date.

Did you turn off the camera’s LED IR lights? It seems like it. Which model camera is this?

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I did check that and the ir lights are on, if i turn them of it goes completely dark. Its a V2 model

Heres 1 of mine thats 2 years old,and have both sittings turn on

What is the distance? It seems around 15 feet, which should be illuminated pretty well by the LEDs I think.

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I agree with @Customer – this is unusual for a V2. Or any Wyze cam, really. The V2 uses 850nm IR lights, easily visible, even to humans. Red lights you should be able to see on the front panel. Can you see 4 lit red lights when IR is active? Maybe a malfunction if not…

It doesn’t look like it, but a question that has to be asked – did you recently have snow on the ground? I’d go with the above guess first, though.

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Try to move the camera away from the building, we have notice that the reflection from the structure will make it much darker at nite

Reflections (bright white spots) on the picture will DEFINITELY darken the rest of the picture, but I’m wondering whether we see that here. As a test, can Amanda move the camera so nothing bright white shows up in frame?

He only needs to move it like 2-4 inches,then it should be good,i would say that the camera is ok

Yes the red ir lights are on and no snow where i live ever.

The distance from camera to the wall at the end of my yard is about 12 metres or 40ft. It has worked previously to be able to see the area.

I have moved it so it doesn’t hit any part of the building but it is the same result

Copy that would you have an older picture and a new picture that you can post for us to look at? Thanks,

I dont have an older photo that i could find. Im going to test my 2nd camera tomorrow and see if it has a better result at night than my current one thats outside

Copy that

So it looks like its just the wyze cams not having a good enough night vision. For reference i will upload an image from a different camera in the same area

Okay, thanks. Did you confirm with more than the original Wyze camera? Because that still seems dim.

Anyway, you may have heard that their V3 model has vastly improved night vision (*starlight sensor") even without the IR lights.

Yes, the image i just posted with the comparison is the one from my bedroom and it had the same result as the one outside.

I actually did see the v3 and it lookes like its got massive improvements and want to get a couple but price is a bit out of budget at the moment being in Australia with currency conversion :confused:

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The new V3 are so cheap and you get alot for the price