Wyze outdoor night vision terrible

I have a wyze outdoor, the night vision will not see beyond 3’
The advertisement says 25’ range.

I have checked to make sure IR lights “on”
Auto night vision “on”

Anyone else have poor night vision?

When you stand in front of the camera, how many red LEDs do you see on?

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Nope see 25’ easily on mine all the way across My deck

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Can you post a screen shot of your camera view? How about a screen shot of your different settings pages? Maybe some fresh eyes on your setup will be able to see something that can be tweaked.


Are your IR light reflecting off a light colored surface close by? Had to turn off my IR lights on one of my cameras because it was reflecting off my grey siding and turning my screen near black.

I dont see any LEDs when I stand in front of the camera. I confirmed that they are On in advanced setting

the card is set at 3’ away from the camera

The camera is exposing it’s picture to the railing directly in front of the camera because of the bright ir lights. Start by Lifting the camera up off the railing a foot and watch the background be exposed a lot better than the immediate foreground. This is a case of the foreground being very bright causing the background to be very underexposed. The camera needs to be repositioned to a better spot.


I will take a photo from the driveway. This was just a test to see how far the IR were projecting. I ideally want a view of my driveway vehicle. I will send an updated photo

Here are some examples:

Camera 3 feet off ground:

Camera 1 foot off ground:

Camera on ground:

For best exposure the subject need’s to be of equal distant and of equal luminosity for best results.


Place it where your ideal mounting spot would be, then stand 10 feet in front, then move back slowly until you disappear. That would be a good test of the ir.

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