Wyze night vision quite poor

Hi all,

First time user of wyze. Was sucked in with the multiple scary home security devices. Used another camera before called littleif.

In the day this camera is comparable for video quality but way easier to set up.

Nighttime however was a disappointment :frowning:

I guess the 4 IRs aren’t as good as promised (30ft). My littleif camera has 11 IRs and promises 30ft and it holds true.

Wyze on the other hand, barely works a few feet. Unless I’m doing something wrong?

Attached are some pics of my 2 wyze cameras. Unfortunately as I’m a new user, wyze won’t allow me to upload more than one photo. Silly

Is this normal? What do other users see?

I have the indoor v2 with the newest firmware update.

Can you move the camera to the edge of the table or elevate it somehow? What’s happening is that the camera is trying to expose the whole picture based in the IR hotspot on the table top immediately in front of the camera, therefore underexposing the background. Once you re-aim the camera and everything in the room is equal distant to the camera it should expose it better.


. . or turn it upside down?

Very normal - until you follow @Omgitstony 's excellent advice. :+1:

I well remember running into this quite a bit until I learned to hang cameras over the edges of things, and then always double check them in the dark before leaving town.

Pretty soon you’ll be filming “flying centipedes” with the best of 'em! :grinning:


Thanks everyone! I’ll check the tips and see if this works

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Thanks I’ll try this tonight!

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Try searching the forums for IR illuminators which will be much better than Wyze has in their cameras