Night IR Issues?

Hello everyone,

I have 4 Wyze cams (3 are outdoors, 1 indoors) and 2 of the cameras are having no issues with nighttime operation. The outdoors cameras are all in protective mounts and mounted under an eave. The 2 having isues seem to be clouded over? They are not behind glass and I double check to make sure I removed the protective plastic from the lens. There are no glaring neighbor lights to cause an issue. Any ideas?

Please see images below. The first 2 are of the backyard. The grayish one is with IR on, and the blacker one is without IR. 3rd and 4th are of driveway and same thing.

ANY AND ALL help greatly appreciated!!


Do you have a silicone cover on the Pans? I’ve heard those can cause issues with the IR reflection at night.

Guessing you have them in a white enclosure? Paint the inside of that enclosure black or cover it with electrical tape to keep the IR from reflecting off the white surface.

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@Skier76 @Newshound

Yes! The White the Frienda enclosure. I have it on the frontdoor camera too but with no issues.
Thank you both for the response and helpful info! I will try paint fix ASAP!

It could be IR reflections from any nearby surface, not just the enclosure. I have an outdoor under-eave camera (not a Wyze) that had very similar wash-out. It was originally mounted about 6" to the side of a round 4" eavetrough downspout. I moved the cam 6" further away, and the image improved significantly.

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