Is my camera bad?

I just installed this camera outside in the backyard. It was in the kitchen and had no probs with night vision. Once I put it outside it looks like poop. It is currently under my eave and no surrounding lighting. This is a Wyze Pan Cam with 98% wi-fi strength.

Is there anything on the lens?

Nope. Went out and checked that first

How long have you had the camera? Maybe you could try bringing it back inside and see if it still does the same thing.

Had it for less than a week. This is the first night outside with it. I have a V2 on the front porch that works fine

Is it a camera in a white enclosure? Reflective IR light will fog the image.

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It does look like it may be in something, definitely does not look like it is in the place the clear picture was taken from

No the clear pic is the front porch. Another camera.

I do have it in a rubber case. I’ll try and take it off and see if that helps.

My bad, I read it like it was a photo of the first night out with it

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Yes, the clear pic is another camera, but what about the first fogged image?

Edit: I see you say it is in a rubber case.

Note: You can simply paint the edges black on the exposed rubber face to counteract the IR light reflection.

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Looks the cover was doing it. Thanks so much! Will try painting/sharpie the edges for tomorrow night. Not a great photo but at least its it’s clear.


try plasti dip. it absorbs more light and wont reflect it. plus if it doesn’t work well, you can peel it back off and do something else.