Bad IR view at night

HI there i recently installed a wyze cam (not pan) outdoor and the regular camera is fine with great images, but the IR cam at night is crappy.

Video with no outdoor lights

Video at night with outdoor lights

Daytime video

Can someone help? I wondered if the lens was smudged, but the daytime videos seem just fine. So what gives?


Have you tried your cam outside at night on a scene without so much grey -the main part of your scene is concrete. If you try this and still have so little clarity my guess is that you have a problem with your IR lights in the cam and should Open a support request .
If not and you have a good picture in a more contrast and detail area then outdoor IR LIGHTS are an excellent and fairly cheap option.($ 9.99 up on Amazon)

Gotcha, let me point it up and away from the ground this evening and will see how it fares. Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have the cam in an enclosure and if so what kind?

Yes it is in an enclosure. Neither the lens nor the IR thing below it are covered with anything, if that’s where you were going…

This is the exact one.

It was, but that is the exact one I am using and I am not seeing that issue, so it is not the enclosure. There are some I have seen that reflect enough of the IR light back into view that it washes out the image.

Oh, it’s the enclosure all right. Put some black electrical tape on the edges that protrude past the front of the camera. The white edges are reflecting the IR lights back to the lens. If there are any other surfaces close to the camera like a wall, change the angle of the camera away from it.

I am using those exact enclosures and don’t have that issue with them

But there are many threads here with people who do. Can’t hurt to slap some electrical tape on it and adjust the angle of the camera away from nearby objects in any case.

Open to trying the tape on the housing. There is nothing else around it for it to reflect the IR

The small round black item below the lens is not the “IR thing”.
The four IR LEDs are located around the lens, behind the bezel which surrounds it. When active (in the dark), you can see the LEDs dimly glowing red.

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Wouldn’t hurt to try, you are right, it will be interesting to see if it changes it.

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Fogging at night is usually due to IR reflection, so fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

Check if IR is on via the app. This looks suspiciously like a no-ir image🤷‍♂️

In the nighttime with lights on picture, it appears to be foggy. If that’s the case, the IR will happily illuminate the fog and it will look very close to what your nighttime with IR photo shows.