New V2 Camera - Strange Images At Night?

Hello, I just purchased my fifth V2 camera and this one is acting differently than the others. At night, the image has strange blurry smears when the IR lights are on. The image is fine when the IR lights are off. The camera is not behind any glass and there is no plastic protective film over the lens (I removed that upon installing the camera). I have attached an image so you can see the issue. Anyone know why the image looks like this? It’s almost like there is an internal reflection of some kind. Image from New V2 Cam

Those are obviously reflections, but don’t know reflections from what. I get moving orbs on mine at night - think it’s just spirits of those that passed before me :flushed::smirk:

You have that looking out a window don’t you?

Going to the advanced settings and turn off the infrared lights.

No, it’s not behind a window. I have another V2 camera with the exact same set-up but covering a different part of the house and the image is perfect with the IR lights on.

Huh. I’ve never seen that. It almost looks like dew reflecting off the lens. If you clean the lens while it’s exhibiting this behavior, does it change anything? And are the reflective dots always in the same spot?

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Yes, the spots are always in the same locations. I have not tried cleaning the lens as the image is great when the IR lights are off. However, I’d like to be able to use the IR lights in the evening.


Well, it could definitely be some scuzz on the outside of the lens. If there’s a little dirt, it may not be noticeable in daylight, but it would become really noticeable when it reflects off the IR lights. I’ve got a camera from another vendor outside that’s doing the same thing at night. I need to take it down and clean it, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’d try that first.

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Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that and report back. Cheers, Carl

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Ok, I inspected the camera and made sure that the lens was clear. I gave it a light wipe with a soft cloth and I could see nothing visible on the lens that might explain why the camera picks up these fuzzy “spots” when the IR lights are on. I am wondering if the camera’s image sensor is seeing some internal light IR leakage (?). My four other cameras don’t do this and they work perfectly fine when the IR lights are on. Should I return the camera?

Can you post some pictures?

I did in the original post.

Gotcha. So the reflective spots are still showing up after wiping it? I guess the only other thing you could try is swapping one of your other cameras into the same spot just to make sure it’s not something environmental, but if they’re always in the same spot, regardless of the camera position, that pretty much rules that out. You can contact Wyze Support to open a ticket. If it’s defective, I’m sure they’ll replace it for you.

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Thanks for your comments, it’s appreciated. This new camera is about 10’ away from another one that has zero issues. I tried changing the mounting angle and power cycled it several times to see if that would change anything but it didn’t. It’s great when the IR is off and awful when it is on, very strange. I’ll contact Wyze Support as you suggested, thanks again.

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Here’s my cam up against a window with the ir lights on.

And in this picture the ir lights are off.

Possibly this is related to your issue.

Is that a black camera? I’m surprised how not terrible yours looks with the IR illuminators on. I can see them reflecting, obviously, but when I had mine on through the window, the whole image was too blown out to see much of anything.

Is it single-paned glass? That might make a difference too.

As stated in the OP, the camera is not behind any glass. I do have some other cameras that are and for those, I have the IR lights off.

Single pane, pressed right up against the glass.

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That makes sense. Double paned glass causes a lot more reflection


I had experienced round white-ish spots on my videos with the IR lights turned on at night too. However, the video was very clear during the day. So I decided to pull the camera down and inspect it more closely. It was then that I noticed some very faint water spots (not easy to see) on my IR lights around the camera lens. I found out using a slightly damp cloth with diluted white vinegar on it, will remove the water spots. Now, the round white-ish fuzzy like spots are completely gone and the cams are working great again. However, this was the first time I’ve had to do this with my cameras which have been outside for almost 8 months. That said, I guess it’s just something to be expected since the cameras are exposed to all sorts of weather outside.


Thanks for mentioning that. The camera is brand new and I looked at it very closely today and gave it a general wipe (no liquid) with a soft cloth. I couldn’t see anything like water spots or anything for that matter. The image is very clear during the day but at night I have to turn off the IR lights otherwise I get those weird light “blooms” in the image. Annoying as I don’t get that with my other Wyze cameras.

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