Night vision distorted when in housing

I just installed 3 Wyze indoor cameras in housings on a balcony. Prior to placing in housing camera’s worked fine however when installed they all have distortion on night vision. Obviously a housing issue but any solutions ?

more than likely it is due to the housing itself. if the housing has any sort of protective “overhang” around the camera lens that is in frame or the reflection of the IR’s is in frame it will throw off the ir, we would have see a picture of what the camera is seeing to correctly diagnose it, but more than likely thats it.

if that is the issue though, painting the housing black should fix the issue.

please post a picture though if you can


If the housings have a window pane then I recommend turning off Night Vision and check if the available ambient lighting is sufficient.

This is why several housings on the market just have an opening that is not covered by a window.

Distortion or a white fog?
If it’s a white fog / glare the @Bam is right, it’s the overhanging hood. You can either paint the underside black or cut the hood off.


I have multiple cams in housings with overhangs but none with covers over the lens. I’ve had no night vision problems with any of them.
I think @Bam and @isaiah58 are both right about possible IR interference sources.‘s description of the differences seems right on the money to me. I’ve seen bugs crawl around the very edges that I never got a real good view of - just a white haze.
This is what I use:

I turn the IR lights off on my outdoor cameras.


Can you post a screen shot or image of this distortion? Thanks in advance! That’ll help determine what the issue is.

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I never asked but what’s the point of covering the top? The business end is left bare (in part as you say to keep the view and IR issues clear) and the top of the camera is a solid slab of plastic and doesn’t need a cover at all. The only thing to protect is the vented and cabled back and maybe the underside. So why the elaborate roof on these popular housings? (Seeing them was a big reason I decided to go caseless.)

For me, the roof overhang sheds water off the lens during rain, from some angles, but most importantly the USB, air holes and power connector are covered on the back. Bottom is exposed, but, hey…

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I think it’s for looks more than anything.

The OP hasn’t returned so I guess we’ll never know what distorted meant. :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve seen the same thing. If a spider or large bug gets on the periphery off the IR it will reflect a weird rd kind of hazy glow. Never becomes a complete object but just hazes the edges of the FOV. I figured it out because once or twice I saw a leg come into clear view

Like the hat I never got??? :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for responding and the feedback. The housing had a keyhole cut out in the same profile as the camera lenses which I ended up cutting a square hole to move the edge of the housing away from the edge of the lenses, which seems to have cured the problem.

The manufacturers should test the housing before they manufacture.

Thanks to everyone who responded, great to see such a community effort