Wyze Cam OG issues

I am having issues with my Wyze camera OG at night. When it switches over to night
vision I have this distortion of shadow circles in the vision. I have replaced cameras. I have done all of the troubleshooting to no avail. I am on My third OG camera and same issue. Daytime vision is perfect and clear but when it changes over to night vision I have this issue. I have quite a few V3’s and never had an issue like this. This is a photo of a brand new one that I just replaced another one with a problem. It’s not the placement as I have two of them in different locations with the same problem. Anyone else having this issue? I’m thinking about not using the OG if this is what I’m going to get out of it.

Is your cam looking through a window?

Also, you need to move or realign your cam so that light-colored near objects are not in view so that the cam’s infrared light does not reflect back into the lens.

Not looking through a window, it’s outside. Both OG’s that I have are doing the same thing. I have moved it so that it can’t reflect off anything. What you see is a ledge that is dark wood and I have re-angled the cam, and can try it again tonight and see what happens. I have turned the IR lights on and off. It is a very dark area so turning them off gets me pretty much a black screen.


That should do it. It’s definitely an IR reflection. Let us know how it looks tonight.

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