Is this picture normal for night vision?

So I have 3 of the V2 cameras… This one was just put up maybe 4 hours ago so this is the first time I’m seeing night vision on it. It’s outside, but looked fantastic during the daytime… This just doesn’t look right. Again, this is the first time night vision has ever been on with this camera as I just installed it today. Is something wrong with this camera? Other ones I’ve had for about a week now look fine.

Is it behind glass or plastic?

Nope… Here is the daytime picture from the same camera. It looks like the plastic is still on it with the night vision or something, but it’s not

And here is the camera on my front porch at 3am

Is it possible that this mount (the house cover that snaps on) is messing with the night vision somehow?

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Yes, it is possible that housing is causing an IR reflection. I have similar housings in black for that very reason.

Thanks… Yea I’m going to remove that plastic housing today and see how it goes tonight.

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I have those on my wish list for my b’day, so I’m curious how it could be doing that? Is there a piece of plastic or something over the lens?

You don’t need to wait for nighttime. Just switch night vision on manually during the day. You should still get a good picture, just black and white. If not, try removing the housing. If the housing has any magnetic components, especially around the sides or top of the camera, that could mess with night vision. Also, make sure (although it doesn’t look like it from your daytime photo) that the small piece of plastic film that protects the lens for shipping has been removed.

This. I wonder if the filter is bad.

So here is night vision on during the day… Looks great during the day

Well, that pretty perplexing. Is that still with the camera in the housing? If so, is it possible that the bad pic you posted was a one time glitch? I suppose it’s possible that the IR filter was stuck in an intermediate position that one time. (However, when that happens, it’s normally a little more obvious.)

It is still in the housing. Just to appease myself, I’m going to remove the housing and see what it looks like tonight. Where the camera is located I’m not even sure it even needs a housing on it.

If the blurred image happens again tonight, maybe they can manually toggle night mode off and back on. I could understand some glare off the birdhouse housing, but I wouldn’t expect it to get a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Can you possibly check it again while in the housing? If you take it out of the housing and get a clear picture, it really won’t be obvious if it was a stuck filter or the housing.

Sure… I’ll leave it in the housing until it gets dark then if the problem persists I’ll take it off while it’s dark outside and see what the difference is. Fortunately it’s easy to get on and off without removing the camera (I’m using the stock magnetic disc base with the bird house looking cover - since there is no bottom piece on the housing this is possible)

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That is definitely IR reflection off something. If you have a housing over it, that is what is causing it. Otherwise it may be too close to an overhang or similar.

Looked the same when it got dark… Removed the White house topper enclosure… Significantly improved


I wonder if flat black paint would fix that. Just changed my wish list to the black housings.

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I was thinking the same thing. I’m returning these those since that’s easy with Amazon. I would like to hear from someone in these forums with the black ones.