I have created a water proof housing with a cheapy wooden birdhouse and added a clear camera UV lens filter as the window. I am getting a lot of distortion sorta like a wide angle lens.
Please excuse the crappy hotglue job. New gun just spews glue.

My WAG is the microphone is “covered” - can you put a spacer under the camera to lift it up a bit? (it may add also be an “echo effect”)

You do know if the IR light is used, it’s gonna reflect on the lens and “bounce back into” the camera

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Can you post a picture of what the camera sees?

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I changed the height of camera and the images got better. Also, the cam in question has a yellow filter as window. Its night vision is way better than the other cam that has just a clear filter.
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The IR lights are causing that reflection in the second pic. Maybe try disabling the IR lights and leaving night vision on auto.

Your second photo - that’s what I was referring to in my first reply.

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