Video Distortion

I am getting fairly frequent video distortion from my WyzeCam v3 stream (video attached). Any ideas on what could be causing it and how to resolve? Thanks!

Yikes ! that is horrible. I have one V3 and get some minor pixelation in color night event videos but it is usually a just a few small spots. The day time event videos never look like that. Is the Wi-Fi signal to the cam strong? what is the distance from the cam to the power source, mine is only about 7-8 feet.Is that out of a window?, Mine are outside.

The access point (which is actually a dual band router) is only 6-7 feet away, but the AP is inside and the camera outside. Between the two is a wood door, metal door and rather thick wall. I was thinking it might be a wi-fi thing, so I’ve ordered an outdoor extender that I will place right under the camera to see if that will resolve the issue. Thanks!

You can check on the app and see what it says your signal is, don’t know if it is correct. Open the app, V3 to live view, settings icon> device info> signal strength. Mine has 3 full black bars.

The wyze app barely connects. When it does, it shows 3 bars. I’m going to see if getting stronger wi-fi will solve the problem.

You didn’t mention it, but it looks like you are using the RSTP stream to a different recording device? By the look of the overlays this is not a wWyze cloud video or a local storage video. Does the door on the left have a metal mesh along with the metal bars to the door? What’s between the camera and your Wi-Fi source? I wonder if the construction of the wall and its materials along with the possibly metal mesh and metal door are adding distortion to the Wi-Fi signal?

Is the wall stucco or something of the sort? Yeah, I’d say everything listed is playing with the signal quality.

Edit/ Do you have an SD card in this camera that is recording also? You can compare that video to your footage that is saved elsewhere to see if there’s any differences in quality. If your local storage video is a lot higher quality and doesn’t have the distortion that the above video does, that would trend towards a Wi-Fi signal issue.

Yes, metal bars with metal mesh. That wood/stucco wall is line-of-sight directly between AP and camera. When I installed camera inside next to router, did not notice any distortions at all.

Yes, using an RTMP to RTSP stream which is working fine with all the other cameras except this one. This is the only camera with such an obstacle between it and it’s AP.

Do not have an SD card in the camera. Already ordered the outdoor extender, so we will see for sure once that is connected.

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As per this post I purchased and installed a TP-Link EAP225 outdoor extender. Still getting false positives on motion detection, but video distortion is definitely gone.

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