Possible defective camera

i recently got a couple wyze cam v2 to keep an eye a car tent at my sisters place. both are connected to the same network. cam 1 is about 15 ft from access point and cam 2 is about 20-25ft from the access point. so far cam 2 seems like it is working as it should. cam 1 has been giving me a bit of headache. during the day it looks like things are working fine but at night time i seem to get lines accross the pictures. also when the night vision comes on the ir lights seem to almost white out the pictures quite a bit. not sure what is up with that. on top of that anytime i try to access the playbacks on it it almost seems to not load the video or crashes the camera and it takes about a minute or 2 for it to reboot and start recording. it also seems to pickup some weird sounds but not sure if it is the camera or just some noise in the area. i was wondering if there was any testing i could do or should i just try to contact the place i got it from and get it swapped out? only had it for a week. everything is brand new including sd cards and usb cables. i was thinking about trying to swap the cams around to see if it makes a difference but hoping there might be a simpler solution.
here is some video that kind of shows the lines and how white the picture goes with ir lights on

thanks CW

it looks ( from the top left corner ) like you have this placed under an eve. is that correct?

I believe whats happening is that the thing above it that is white, what I believe to the the eve is reflecting the IR light which causes the camera to adjust in the wrong way.

I’m thinking that if what ever is above the camera that is white were covered with something black or dark colored and doesn’t reflect light OR if the camera were angled down your issue might be fixed. give that a shot and let us know what its doing.

also thank you for the video on the first post!!! that takes a lot of the guessing out of trying to diagnose the issue.

do you mean top right corner? i got both cameras aim similar so it seems strange that 1 is doing it and the other is not. cam 2 you can see the ir lights reflect off the house and make the rest of the picture dark but definitely not effect it like cam 1. i kind of got them overlapped so they can see each other.

what about the lines on the picture and the camera kind of crashing when i try to access the playback? definitely seems like this may be the bigger issue. it is not like the camera’s are easy to get at so it would be nice to get it sorted out sooner rather than later,

no problem. i figure video is sometimes easier to show the problems than trying to explain things.

this is what I was mentioning. the area in the red circle.

even though something inst entirelly in the camera frame the sensor might be picking up the reflected IR light. and I see what you are speaking of on the right side.

I would try centering the camera on the green star area I marked and see if that clears it up. that would lower it ( hopefully negating whatever is in the red circle) and move it so its looking a bit more to the left so you cant see the house so well. if that fails to solve it, I would remove the camera and see if you can repeat this effect elsewhere such as an entirely dark room with nothing to reflect off of. and as for the lines, those appear to be general artifacts that you will see when ISO is really high which is what I believe is happening here due to reflected IR. when the picture changes I noticed they dissipate thus leading to my conclusion.

and as for the playback crashing, there are a few things that could cause that. first I would try exiting the app fully so it has to load entirely when yo open it back up. sometimes a mere “reset” of an app that’s been running a lot can solve things similar to this. if that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the app. not sure why that solves so many issues ( possible a cache clearing is what does it) but it helps many people and is recommended by the mavens quite frequently. is the crash only happening when you try to view playback on this camera with the picture issue or both?

if you happen to remove the camera and try to replicate the issue elsewhere it might be a malfunction of the camera, but being that it is outside there’s no way to know if it would be a manufacturing defect or something cause by the outdoor environment (possible humidity on the lens or something similar.)

and even though many people do place them outside with varying rates of success, doing so voids their warranty.

All of my cameras crash when I try to view the SD card video. They freeze, show as being offline, but what’s strange is that even though they say they’re offline and I can’t see any live video, they do respond if I restart them from the app.

Also, after they crash, if I wait about 5 minutes they seem to restart on their own. And once they restart once or twice, I can then view the SD card videos.

I’ve read through a bunch of posts here and most of the people who have also had this issue seem to have the newest firmware. It could be an issue with the new firmware but I’m not sure.

the red area is a neigboring house. i can try lowering it a bit but main focus is behind that car.

only this camera crashes when i try to veiw playback. i have reset the app pretty much every time it happens since really what else can you do while you wait for the camera to reset. i only mounted them the friday and have only had the camera’s in my possession since last saturday. they haven’t really had a chance to see any moisture yet.

here is a pic of thing during the day so you can see the camera’s view better.

ok I see what you mean now. I would take it down and see if you can replicate the issue. if it does the same thing, its obviously the camera. but again it’s outside. and as fast as moisture gathering goes. these little cameras warm up fairly well, all it takes is a few hours on a cool night for that to condense and mess something up. try recreating the image in a different environment and see what happens ( which is unfortunate because its in a hard spot to reach)


well i ended up getting the 1 camera exchanged and so far it seems like it is working as it should. lines seem to be gone and it is recording normally like it should. the old camera was missing quite a bit when i checked the playback with the new cam. new cam does have the picture go a bit white when the ir light are on but no where near as bad as the other cam. you can at least make things out instead of it looking foggy.

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