Lines In Camera

Bought a two pack of Wyze Cam’s V2 in May 2020 so now have three total. One of them started showing these streaks down one side. Was wondering if anyone else has seen this with any of their cameras? Looks like a defective CCD or CMOS in the camera?

Could be an image sensor going bad, does this occur in all lighting situations? Or just low light? The V2 doesn’t perform all that well in low light situations to begin with. What firmware version is on the camera?


All lighting conditions. The brighter it is the worse it is. So with the IR at night it shows up as white lines but not as bright. Firmware is up to date.


My gut is saying that its probably the sensor going out. You can try contacting Support to see if they have any other ideas or tips and tricks but being older cameras the warranty has probably lapsed and their options are limited.

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Yes I figured that. That was why I posted. Never had a image sensor fail on ANY camera in even 5-10 years. Wanted to see if others had this issue and it might have been a defect in a set lot of cameras?

If a defect, I think there is a better chance getting it replaced even though the one year warranty is up?

That would be a question best for Support. I am not sure of their options they have available to them.

Agree. Those are my thoughts too. That is why I am trying to see if anyone else has had a similar problem before contacting support?

I have a couple older V2s that show that too - not as bad, but like yours, it’s worse when the lighting is brighter. None are bad enough that I can’t just live with it. Just would not put those cameras outside.

Thanks for the reply. I have also lived with mine that way for awhile now. This camera has been in our Living room since day one. Has never moved.

If I get a few more replies like yours I will be speaking to support as this looks to me like a defective part or defective manufacturing. An image sensor should not go bad that fast. Thanks again.

Are you using LED lights in that room? Example, I have three V2’s in my garage. Decided to replace with V3s. But got lines running through the image. Hmm, but not a day time. Hmm, not a night when garage ceiling lights are off. Turn on the lights and can barely see an image. The LED long strings mounted in 4’ light frames like they were with 4’ fluorescent bulb lights are not shielded or something. No big deal, still using the V2. But helped figuring out the issue with the lights.