Artifacts on camera?

This is on one of my V2 cams, decided to make a Ring equivalent and mount it on my door but noticed this weird color band on the right side of the camera and its like this on iOS and Android. Has anyone else seen something like this on theirs? is there a fix?

It is still there even when i put my finger over the lens so it is all black. The only thing really outstanding here is i used this camera as a webcam for a video conference meeting today but it was only one for about an hour and a half that way.

firmware is

Any recommendations?

Has the image sensor been exposed to direct sunlight?

nope, it was in my basement (temperature and humidity controlled) area where no direct light actually shines.

Move it to an interior room with similar lighting (maybe in a room with the window shutters closed) and re-test - could be something odd “electrically emanating” at the door.
If the issue persists in the other “test room”, there might be something goofed with that side of the camera lens.

Same things as OP has happened to one of my cameras. Has there been an resolution?

I have the same problem on both sides of the picture. It’s just one of my cameras. I’m using the RTSP version of the firmware (

One of my V2’s developed that on one side not long after the warranty ran out. Now it’s the entire camera that has the artifacting. It’s never been in direct sunlight. It just sits on a shelf in the kitchen. I’m guessing this is a hardware issue that can’t be fixed. Just wish that Wyze would have helped me out anyway.

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This now happens on and off on my Pancam and two of my Wyze V2 cams. This must be a defect with their hardware. I’m guessing poor-quality ribbon cables or not enough heat dissipation causing the processing chips to fail prematurely.

I think I’m going to have to have to find an alternative brand.

I have the same issue on 1 of my 4 Wyzecam v2, Except it comes and goes. Sometimes it’s perfectly clear, then it will have artifacts just near the sides and other times the whole picture has major artifacts. Tried factory resetting it multiple times and using different firmware. Same issue.