First time posting, hope I’m doing this right? Camera (V2) purchased in Sept 2019. Other two cameras are fine. Any thoughts to why this devices to happen? TIA

Did anything “happen” from when it did work , to the point it shows this? For example
a) it was working an hour ago
b) I upgraded the cam’s firmware
c) now I see this pink haze

All good questions. I don’t really do anything with them, It was working until I noticed it on Sunday. I guess the firmware was updated whenever it was updated. I didn’t update anything manually.

That appears to be a stuck or torn IR filter for the camera. Unfortunately it’s a fairly common issue. Open a support ticket and see if Wyze will replace the camera.


Thank you. I will do as you suggested.

Like this? A few cams just started doing this.

Does it still show that when you go into the individual camera? Have you tried power cycling the camera? Just today i think i had one in a group show that, but once i went into the camera it was fine. Couldn’t get it to reproduce.

I unplugged and restarted the camera before posting. I’m not sure what you mean by going into the individual camera. The photo I posted is just that camera. I’ll be reaching out to CS tomorrow.

Very similar to the second photo. Mine is hazy and less chunky. The photo is at the start of the thread.

@kate, My reply above was to the user that posted right above me with the picture of multiple cameras in a group that were showing pink. I was asking that person to click on an individual camera for troubleshooting.

@kate, is your camera like that throughout the day? Daytime? night time with only interior lights on? I can see some very different lighting conditions in your picture that you posted. Cameras in general have a hard time with dark areas (inside your dining room) and very light areas (through the door to the outside) in the same frame. The issue is the camera is trying to light the entire picture the same, and usually either makes the light area to bright and exposes the darker areas, or exposes the light area correctly and underexposes the dark. Have you manually toggled the night vision settings? (on to off to auto)?

Oh! Whoops :wink:
This is a new condition that only started this weekend. No settings have been changed, The camera is in the same location it’s been in, the same light enters the room that has always entered the room
I don’t keep it on at night, but I guess I could. That might be interesting. Nothing is different except for the sudden appearance of the pink haze.

Ok. I would let all this stop you from reaching out to Support tomorrow, but hopefully help gather information that you could relay to them about what the group here has suggested for troubleshooting. You could also direct them to this thread to see what has been covered and tested.

With the night vision settings, i am asking you to toggle through the settings. Inside the camera there is an IR filter that moves into place when the night vision mode goes active, then stows when night vision turns off. Now if there is an issue where the IR filter is stuck open when night vision is not active, now a pinky purple hue is shown on the picture from that camera. If you can toggle through the night vision settings, that may correctly stow the IR filter for you if it is in fact open to any degree right now. Hope this gets figured out soon for ya! :slight_smile:

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I shall see what happens!
Much appreciated, @Omgitstony!

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Agreed. Had that happen myself. On mine the little solenoid that drives the filter went out. I could have ir or not, but no switching.

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Here is a great post by another user - shows what you are probably looking at very well! If you are under warranty, I definitely recommend contacting Wyze Support

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Thanks ALL! I’ll see what Support has to say.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Had this issues a few times, was told bad CMOS sensor (s), luckily WYZE replaced the cameras, seems like it still is an issue.

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I meant to post on Friday that WYZE is sending me a new camera.
I really appreciate everyone’s help!


I know this is an old thread but doesn’t having the pink tint mean the filter is stuck over the lens, which would be the opposite of what your pictures are saying.