Image shows pink

I have an V2 on my pool deck, under cover. It shows pink. I’ve reset it with no luck. Any ideas?

I put another camera right next to it and the image is clear.

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This tread should help…

I think this one is bad. Not covered under warranty since it’s outside.

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Think Wyze will still honor their warranty even it was outside …just don’t tell them it was … LOL

3 out of 6 of my Wyze cams are outside …by the way still going strong for years. Cleaned the round glass disk on 2 that was outside and one that is inside.

Then I’d would take it to bits …it’s not that hard to clean the round glass disk inside just take your time.

Can’t break something that’s already broken …well kind of ?

Too late – told them. I have a hard time lying – even across the net :slight_smile:

I was on chat with them yesterday – after a few minutes – they said tough – you used them outside - not covered under warranty.