Thick Halos around all the lights

The images from this camera are blurry and have heavy halos making the camera barely usable. I’ve cleaned the lens and dont see any smudges. Any ideas how to fix this. thx

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If the camera is under a year old I would contact support.

They may replace it.

Thanks. I bought it 2/2019 so Ill try that

Let us know how your experience goes with support

Probably this well documented and frequent issue. It is present in 5 out of my 7 cameras to varying extents.

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If they let you keep that one and you are mechanically inclined, I’d love to see how dirty that little glass filter is in this one.

As suggested they agreed to replace the camera. Funny thing is they wanted me to update the firmware (which was already up to date) and reboot the camera first. Oviously this could never be a software/firmware issue. Its clearly hardware. It seems like firmware update is the first step these tech support people do for any electronic product even if it makes absolutely no sense. Anyway they were good about agreeing to replace it so no complaints here.

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A had already started to try and take the camera apart but after removing the two screws I couldn’t separate the bottom from the rest of the housing and I didn’t want to crack/break the plastic. What’s the trick here?

Since you are already using your warranty and getting a new one, check this out:


Ah, I found a youtube video that showed how to disassemble the camera (There’s a youtube video for everything these days). When I took it apart sure enough the filter was filthy. It appeared to have some grimy film all over it. I’m curious how that happened since the filter is not in a place where it can be touched and the camera was kept indoors in a clean environment. So I cleaned it off and put it back together and that fixed the problem. The image is crystal clear now. So is this something that tends to reoccur over time? It would be a real PITA to have to take apart these cameras for cleaning every few months.

The speculation in another thread is that it is oil or some substance on the lens threads that is evaporating and redepositing over time.

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I see. So removing the filter altogether is probably not a good idea since it will just deposit on the lens itself and would be a little harder to clean

Out of curiosity, did yours worsen over time? You said you’ve had it since February. Did it look like that when you bought it? My theory is that it’s caused by some kind of chemical off-gassing, which means it would get worse over time. But I don’t know anything for sure.

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Yes the image was great when I first got it but recently became very foggy although I can’t tell you how fast because I originally had it pointed out a window and it was when I moved it inside that I noticed how bad it really was.

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I recently moved and now have my camera monitoring the backyard from inside the patio glass door. Was getting crystal clear images originally and now notice that there is a “smudge” type halo in one part of the image so this sounds similar. And at nighttime it could see with minimal light and now I’ve got squat. Can someone please help and tell me where this filter is to clean?

This thread below may be what you’re looking for:

Had this happen to one of my Pan cameras and thanks to this thread I fixed it by taking it apart and cleaning the little piece of glass covering the sensor. I think the fogginess is defiantly from off-gassing of the plastic surrounding the focal lens. You see this happen on the interior of car windows.


Just took apart and cleaned the little glass in one of my Wyze Cam Pans.
It’s clarity is back to brand new, thanks for all the info guys !

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