image problem


I’m new to Wyze and actually have several questions, but I’ll start with one. I was able to successfully set up a camera to face outside and got a decent image for a few days, but now there seems to be a purplish color over part of the image, creeping in from the right side of the photo. Nothing has changed so I don’t know why it’s happening. The camera is new, it’s inside facing outside in a room that is not used.

Any thoughts on what’s wrong and how to fix it?




That sounds like the IR cut filter is partially in place. Try cycling night mode off and on several times and see if that fixes it.

Thanks RickO I’ll give it a try!


OK, well, perhaps I did it wrong, but whatever I tried didn’t work. At the top right corner just above the image on the phone is a little crescent moon with on/off/auto options and that’s what I touched. I cycled through it several times but the image isn’t any better. Should I have done something different?

You did it right. Can you post a screenshot of the image here? That would help confirm the issue.

If the filter is indeed stuck, you can try holding a strong magnet on various sides/top of the camera to try to dislodge it while watching the image to see if it changes. If that works, there’s a chance it will be a permanent fix, but more likely it will stick again (it’s actually a mechanical issue). If so, you’ll need to file a support ticket to get the camera replaced.

I took a photo and tried emailing it to myself as I have done with many photos. I don’t know how (if it’s possible), to upload directly to here. However, now I see no “send” button or anything similar and I can’t get off that screen. I’m not a tech illiterate, but obviously not up to speed on this :frowning:

In the line of widgets above where you enter your post text, the next to last that looks like a little mountain/sun in a box is the upload image widget. When that dialog comes up, you click the little camera icon to choose an image from the computer. I haven’t used the forum on my phone, but I imagine it would be similar.

Hmmm, doesn’t look like most of the IR filter problems I’ve seen, but it could be.

Try the magnet trick I mentioned above and the factory reset here:

If that doesn’t do it, you should file a support ticket.

I have a similar issue as well. Purplish tint in dark areas. At first it was only noticeable at night with night vision off. It now even during daytime, the purplish tint is here as well. Any way to fix this?

If factory reset doesn’t fix it, probably going to require an return and exchange. You need to file a support ticket for that to happen.

OK, thanks.

this is what i’m seeing as well. I have about 10 Wyze cams I’ve purchased over last 2 years, first one to do this. what is the solution, again? this camera has been inside our garage (never outside). thanks!

From Loki’s posts above the one you replied to. :slight_smile: