Grainy and color issue

I have the wyze v2 indoor cam. For the past few months its had grainy image and the colors are purple-ish. Its been updated, I restarted, moved it to a different location, and still same issue. Any advice or solutions? Thank you in advance.

If it’s purplish, it sounds like the IR filter is stuck. Tap the camera on all sides multiple times and see if that improves it. Also try stepping from night to daytime mode a few times.

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Welcome to the forums! Does it happen in low light conditions? Or all lighting conditions? Can you post a picture example in here?

Hi thank you for your advice. It didn’t work :frowning:

Hi Omgitstony
I guess it happens in daylight. I took a screenshot thru the wyze app. I didn’t want to show my apartment, so I cut the side of the scene where it has the grainy purplish color. I can only upload one photo so i put them side by side.